Kansas Strong is always on the road! We are active coporate citizens, and you’ll see us in numerous venues across the state – we attend meeting across the state, take part in conferences and convention, and exhibit at consumer shows, state / county fairs and industry meetings.

While Kansas Strong already has a professional display presence that we use extensively, we’ve taken things to a new level in 2013! We’re launching Kansas Strong Mobile Energy Education – an educational experience on wheels! With our Mobile Energy Education, we’ll be able to take our dynamic, interactive, powerful message right to the people.

Watch our website and Facebook page for updates on Mobile Energy Education. We’ll be posting pictures of the construction and outfitting of this important communications tool. You can schedule an appearance for the Kansas Strong Mobile Energy Education today! If you have an event you’re planning, a group you meet with, or a class you teach, and you’d like to have the Mobile Energy Education stop by, let us know!

Please contact us for more info.